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This year Viewbank STEAM Futures is running a series of online workshops for both teachers and students. Our aim is to connect our community of academics, industry professionals and teachers to provide engaging content during remote learning.

Join a webinar by clicking the link on the schedule below, or catch up on previous webinars here.

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Please note that all webinars will record both video and sound. If students are present we will turn off video, however you may also turn off your own video/voice if you wish. Please email us if there are any questions.

Thursday 30th April 3:30pm

Workshop 2 - Engineering the Unexpected

A foundation in science and maths and an engineering mindset can take you places you never expected. From building Australia’s largest roads to starting and running four successful businesses’ to learning how to fly a military fighter jet. It is an engineering mindset that has powered Felicity to have an exciting and inspiring career.


In this engaging presentation, Felicity Furey will explore:

  • The creativity and innovation of a STEM mindset

  • What does it really take to be ‘good’ at maths and science – hint: you don’t need to be the top of the class

  • Myth busting STEM careers: where maths, science and engineering can really take you

  • ‘When will I ever learn this?!’ – when you will actually use that maths


Felicity will share her journey from a self-confessed average student and maths ‘hater’ to a maths lover and how she has had a successful career with a STEM mindset.

Felicity Furey

Founding Director Machinam Pty Ltd (visit us)
Co-Founder Power of Engineering Inc. (visit us)

Wednesday 22nd April 8pm

Workshop 1 - Oscilloscopes in the classroom

Through an online oscilloscope simulator, participants will get a feel for working with an oscilloscope. This webinar will be useful for school teachers and educators intending to work with electronic circuits as part of lab work in STEM courses.

First will be an overview of the key controls available on an oscilloscope followed by a demonstration of simple measurements on commonly used signals in the lab. We will also explain common signal measurements using different types of electronic signals - sine, square waves and pulses. 

Dr Mukesh Soni (PhD)

STEM Technology and Education Consultant


Twitter: @themukeshsoni


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